About People Growth Partners

Dr James Scott, Director

At People Growth Partners we use our extensive knowledge of organisational psychology to assist organisations, businesses, leaders, work teams and individuals to achieve business success. We tailor-make programs to meet organisational or company requirements and improve results for your business or circumstance.

Why Use People Growth Partners for your Organisation?

• Extensive experience in intervention with CEOs and their employees • Cutting edge psychological assessments • Unique and vibrant back-to-basics intervention • Demonstrated academic skills • Experience in establishing sustainable businesses • Extensive knowledge and understanding of personal and work-related complexities at different levels of organisational hierarchies

The Benefits of Using People Growth Partners include:

• Increased business success by growing relationships
• Avoid unnecessary HR-related legal expenses
• Decrease the number of employees accessing work insurance
• Reduce staff turnover and therefore, training costs
• Reduce stress and sick leave

People Growth Partners assist teams to:

• Establish value-based relationships
• Clarify mutual expectations
• Commit to common goals
• Grow towards balance, contentment and maturity

Our tailor-made programs include amongst others:

• Executive coaching
• Leadership development
• Team building
• Change management
• Business strategy
• Conflict management
• Strategic planning
• Entrepreneurial creativity
• Time management
• Resilience and stress management training
• Cultural sensitivity

Dr James Scott, Director

James is a registered counselling and clinical psychologist with 26 years of multi-national experience. Throughout his career, he has developed a great understanding as to why people are discontent or do not experience well-being in their workplace. He has an in depth understanding about the personal and work related complexities of employees at different levels of the organizational hierarchy.

James has coached company directors in the refinement of interpersonal qualities. The completion of a doctoral study in the development of resilience as a component of stress management is a valuable asset in his training.

He has extensive experience in raising people’s insight into and awareness of their personality functioning and needs, as well as emotional intelligence. James is also experienced in addressing group awareness of personality differences and different social skills with the aid of psychometric tests and discussion.

He is skilled in the maturity of the individual and group and often encounters the questions, “Why don’t they want to change?” or “Why don’t they want to listen?”  James is experienced in analyzing and unpacking possible reasons why a group is resistant to change and developing problem solving strategies to implement change.

James has international experience in change management and was involved in facilitating the integration of armed forces into one national defence force.  He is skilled in giving valuable feedback to managers and directors about the personality functioning, personality complexities and developmental stages of team members.

He is also experienced in the coaching of managers and directors in dealing with individual members.  He travels a road of introspection with his clients.


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