Facilitation & Implementation of a Business Strategy

People Growth Partners have a systemic approach to a business strategy and involve many parties and research sources in the analysis of your business. The strategy can be planned (intended) or can be monitored as a pattern of activity (emergent). The end product is a well-formulated organizational strategy, including a diagnosis of the environment and competitive situation, a guiding policy regarding what the organization intends to accomplish, as well as action plans for achieving the guiding policy.

We aid strategic planning and assist management teams to formulate vision, mission, SWOT analysis, purpose, goals and objectives.

Our strategy development is not incidental, generic or clichéd. We know how to deal with challenges, whether internal or external. It can range from major changes in the wider socio-economic or political arena or market place, to changes in leadership or a lack of motivation.

Our systemic approach combines top-down and bottom-up communication and encourages all levels of the organization to engage in open dialogue to determine the direction of the organization.

The team is also skilled in implementing a turn-around strategy for a struggling business. We have a pragmatic approach in facilitating the process of empowerment to stabilize and to eventually grow towards business success.


We Work Internationally