Executive Coaching

‘No man is an island’ (John Donne).

Executives often find themselves in need of coaching.  People Growth Partners provide confidential coaching for senior business leaders. We travel a journey with our clients to assist them to optimize their leadership skills while improving their business or organization.  It is our aim to shed a different light on issues and confront our clients with different perspectives.

We listen intently to identify the problems and needs of our clients.  We have a holistic approach and the discussions often ‘wander off’ to issues such as how to develop strategies to ensure personal well-being and to maintain a home-work balance.

The sessions create a space for executives to:

Increase their level of self-awareness

We focus on the fact that leaders should have a high level of self-awareness and be able to realize their impact on others.

Think strategically

We assist executives to have a proactive approach by formulating strategies to obtain personal and tangible business/organizational results.

Communicate and influence effectively

We guide executives to assess their environment and to adjust their interaction styles.

Motivate for increased performance

We assist leaders in developing the ability to mobilize employees and to maximize their potential and performance.


We Work Internationally