Leadership Development

People Growth Partners believe that effective leadership is the most essential component of organizational effectiveness and business success. Research ascribes the top reason for leadership failures to the inability of leaders to build strong relationships and teams with subordinates and peers. As Daniel Goleman suggests, “We cannot change inherent qualities such as technical abilities, but we are able to develop emotional intelligence”.

We listen to leaders. In combination with the theory of leadership, the individual’s personal journey as a leader is looked at. In this process, leaders develop their own leadership signature, and ultimately, we enable people to connect purpose, passion and strengths with leadership. This means that productivity and profitability are advanced by enabling leaders to leverage their strengths and develop their weaker points. All along, this journey is aligned with business objectives.

We specialize in creating a program to develop the leadership potential of your employees. Our team will design programs especially for your organization or use existing programs that are customized for the needs of your business.


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