Team Building

Research indicates that relationships and business performance are indivisibly linked.  From a business perspective, this means that meaningful relationships at work lead to more satisfied, engaged and productive employees.

The team is a leader’s greatest asset and challenge.  The challenge is to bring diverse skills and experience together and ensure the achievement of individual and business goals.  We therefore developed a back to basics model which incorporates the essentials of great relationships.  This model forms the basis of much of the work we do with individuals, teams and organizations to improve relationships and business.  The following are some of the aspects of team building that may form part of our sessions:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Improvement of group cohesiveness
  • Personality differences in teams
  • Refinement of interpersonal skills
  • Multiculturalism in teams
  • Synchronizing personal and group needs
  • Personal and group well-being


We use diagnostic tools to look at personality differences in a non-threatening way.  We explore team members’ working styles, interpersonal needs, values, motivations and attitudes, capabilities and development needs.  In consultation with team members, we gather information about the issues facing the team. Furthermore, we define business goals and develop a plan of how to work together to achieve them.  We work with clients to achieve measurable transformation and to build and sustain team effectiveness.  We incorporate fun and sensitivity into our training and guard against any form of exposure of trainees. We make sure that the programs are enjoyable and include humour.  We are serious about results, but playful in our approach.


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